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When Babies Can See Clearly

The sense of sight is one of the important senses. No wonder some parents are curious, can a newborn baby be able to see well or not? The answer is yes, but babies usually cannot see clearly, especially objects that are far from it. Unlike the sense of hearing that has fully matured at the age of one month. The baby's vision takes longer to be able to see the surroundings clearly. Stage of Vision in Infants Here are the stages of the baby's eye development so they can see clearly: Newborn until 1 month of age Newborns cannot see anything far away. Babies can see objects with a distance of 20-40 cm (approximately one inch of an adult). At this age, babies prefer to see contrasting colors, or colors with striking differences. Newborns also have eyeballs that cannot focus at the same time. When shown an object that moves before his eyes, his eyeballs cannot simultaneously follow the movements of objects. The ability of the baby's eyes to focus will be better when he i
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How to Choose the Right Tensimeter for the Home

Tensimeter, or more precisely called sphygmomanometer, is a device used to measure blood pressure. This tool, which is always in the doctor's office, can be used at home, especially if you need to have a routine blood pressure check. Checking blood pressure regularly is important for patients with certain diseases, such as hypertension and kidney disease. With the presence of a tensimeter at home, patients do not need to go back and forth to queue at the hospital or doctor's office to check their blood pressure. In addition to not having to wait long to be examined, blood pressure testing at home can also be more accurate, especially in patients who feel anxious when consulting a doctor so that their blood pressure rises when examined. Guide to Choosing a Tensimeter Before deciding to buy a tensimeter, there are several things to consider in choosing the right tensimeter, namely: 1. Determine the type of tensimeter Various types and models of tensimeter are sold freely

8 Health Benefits of Grapes

Some grapes are green, red or black. Not only does it taste good, the benefits of grapes for health are also not small. The benefits of grapes can be obtained either when eaten raw or after being processed into juice, jelly, grape jam, and other processed forms. Grapes contain polyphenols, which are brightly colored compounds in fruit. The antioxidant content of polyphenols in fruit that has been planted since 6,000-8,000 years ago, provides the body with protection from disease and damage due to environmental factors, and helps fight free radicals. Various Benefits of Grapes for Health There are several benefits of grapes that you can feel, including: Overcoming disorders of blood vessels and heart Kanfungan polyphenols in grapes are believed to be able to help prevent heart problems, fight free radicals, have anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet effects so as to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, and support endothelial function. Prevents cancer